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Hey my dudes,
Life has been a little, hectic lately.
The end of January into the start of February is always a tough time of year for me. I have zero energy, I feel lost and I don't want to go anywhere or do anything.
It feels like my creative mind is overwhelmed and nothing is every good enough. That I'm never doing my best and I'm never giving enough.
Designing and creating takes time. Often there's quite a learning process for it myself as I integrate new elements of design or colour into my patterns. There's so many things that I start that never get off the ground. And so many blankets and patterns that are just variations of a simple idea that I never feel are worthy enough of posting here.
The start of the year is always filled with good intentions for me, and then I overwhelm myself. And then the imposter syndrome starts. If anyone is curious about imposter syndrome Amanda Palmer explains it the best, she talks about it often, in her blog, in her book, on h…

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